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In this blog post I will shed light upon the basic things you must do in CEG to get the best out of your time here and the offerings which are given by the College.

Believe me. This is the best thing which happened to me during the first year of CEG and the one which will come with me till I finish my final year here. It has been with me through my gains and pains, my birthdays and occassional rains. Talking about a girlfriend? Nah. It’s the RCC WiFi.


You can get the RCC WiFi in your laptop if you have your ID card and a laptop. Get the RCC WiFi registration form from the amenities centre or download it online. Fill up the details and submit it for signature from the department HOD. Bring the form, ID card and your laptop to the Ramanujam computing centre. The RCC staff will do the needful to make your laptop available to be connected to the RCC WiFi.

Places to Visit : Department office, RCC

Library Card

You can use your Student ID card to borrow books from the library. But before that you have to activate it for using it as a library card. They won’t activate it at the library. So don’t go there and get disappointed. Take your ID card and go to CPDE which is near the Vivek Auditorium and opposite to the Mathematics department. Ask the staff at the entry counter to make your ID card enabled for library proceedings. It takes 10-15 minutes and your card will be ready to garner books from the library. Almost all the books for your courses will be available in the library and there is no need to buy them online. Any book on this planet, be it 2 author book (or) 3 author book, Indian author (or) Foreign author is available in a very rich site called as Just type in the title and search. Click the [2] mirror link and start your download process.

Places to Visit : CPDE, Library

Must have Apps on phone

This is where the real deal starts. Over the course of your four years in CEG you will come across registration links, documents and study notes. You may be either be the source or a feeder. So I advise you to have these apps on your phone throughout your time in college. I am not gonna say anything about apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. Athelam unga istam ba! So here is the list of must have apps in no particular order.

  1. Adobe Acrobat and Google Slides - Most of the study materials will be in the PDF or PPT format. So have these apps for last minute preps.
  2. CamScanner - If you take notes regulary then everyone will be pestering you for the notes. With CamScanner, you can convert a series of images into a single PDF document. Easy to Share!
  3. Swiggy, UberEats and OrderByZomato - All these apps have amazing offers for new customers and they deliver to our college in large numbers. Highly useful for hostellers.
  4. Google Sheets - Volunteer registrations could be done in a google form. But sheets le than pannuven nu paduthuvanga. So I advise you to have this app to edit and view a spreadsheet.
  5. PayTm, Tez and Bhim - You can link your bank account easily to these apps and start transferring money between your friends. Don’t wait, #PayTmKaro
  6. StackExchange - A wise man once said “Give me google and stack overflow, I can do anything in this world with my skill”. Stack Overflow is the temple of computer science engineering and software development. I’ll leave it upto you to explore!
  7. Uber and Ola - When you walk through to the bus stop you will get a lot of buses to the destination you want to go. But when you the reach the bus stop and wait for 30 mins you will not get a bus even to an intermediary stop. Ola and Uber offer car and auto rides at a cheaper rate and the waiting time would be probably less.

Useful websites

  1. Log2Base2 is a beautifully curated website by one of our alumni Premkumar who spent a large amount of his time to write about C Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in simple words so that anyone who hasn’t done programming previously can easily understand it. You can read the tamil version of the blog at Thanini.
  2. Github is the facebook of CS & IT engineers. It contains the source code of a large number of projects and provides options for your contribution to those projects. You can have your own project pushed into your github account too. To know more about Github, how it works and its offerings read my blog about git and github here and here.
  3. Geeks For Geeks is the only place to learn the data structures in a programming language. It’s the one stop solution for preparing for your daily classes and sharpening your coding skills. Learn the data structures and algorithms and try to implement them on your own.
  4. Spoj, Hackerrank, Codechef and Codeforces are the four pillars to practice the stuffs you learnt in the other sites. There are numerous contests conducted in these websites. Compete in them and learn from the editorials as you progress. Install coding calendar plugin for chrome or visit here to get the contest schedule.

Food under Rs. 100

  1. Canteen - You can have Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks and Dinner at CEG canteen for less than 100 Rupees if you spend it the right way. I can assure you that no place in chennai gives Dosai for Rs.16 and Juice for Rs.15 other than the CEG canteen.
  2. Raja Rani - Located near Thazham hostel, this place offers a wide varieties of Dosa at a nominal price. Gather your friends,stroll around the campus and have a nice dinner at Raja Rani.
  3. Malaysian - Parotta! Athaney ellam. Located in Kotturpuram junction, this place is famous for its Kalakki and Banana Parotta. Explore!
  4. Vinayaka Vilas - Classic vegetarian restaurant. Dosa, Idly, Poori, Pongal and Parotta prepared in a completely veg environment. Idly + Vadakari is a must try :)
  5. Aandavar Fruit Juice at IITM - Legendary juice shop located inside IIT Madras. Offers exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 deals on Sundays. Jackfruit Honey is the flagship juice of this shop.

Anna Centenary Library

Anna Centenary Library is a beautiful place to chill out and read books. You can get literally get any book there. From Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare to Romapuri Pandian by M. Karunanidhi, every single book you can imagine is available there. The rooms are filled with a good air-conditioning facility and french loaf is availabe in the ground floor to fill your stomachs.


I want to thank each and eveyone who kept on reading my articles and encouraging me to write more. Special thanks to one of my best friends Darshini for asking me to write an article for the first years. Thanks Vidya Vox for always helping me to write!

Thanks for reading!

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