How to Placement Preparations

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In this blog post I will provide a 101 on how to prepare for placements and interviews for companies with a computer science background.


  1. A decent Internet connection with an upload speed of 2.75 Bits Per Second xD
  2. Leetcode account.If you don’t have one then create it here.
  3. Cracking the coding interview book by Narasimha Karumanchi. You can buy it here or download the pdf version here. If you want the book in epub or mobi version , reach out to me at

Tips , tricks and what not?

If you have finished your preparations and looking for quick links and reference materials , then this blog post is not for you. Please close this link and continue your work.I am going to keep this post as simple as possible to reach each and everyone of you.Many of us will be clueless and have the same question “Ethula da start panrathu? Ena da prepare panrathu?”. And here I am , your guardian angel to answer these questions in a more concise manner.

Preparation Phase

Yeah. It’s all coming down to the same. GEEKS FOR GEEKS. Home to every single aspirant out there. This is the best website available for preparing for your placements and I am not even kidding. Start off with Arrays, Strings, Linked lists and continue through to Binary Trees, Binary Search Tress. Dynamic Programming is one of the important topics you must know to prepare yourself for the placement season.

Bored of Coding?

Aptitude plays an important role for some of the companies for which Genelia D’Souza … chi thoo Daniel D’Souza brings out some awesome videos to teach the basics of the concepts and explains some the problems in all the aptitude topics.

I would advise you to watch the videos of Tushar Roy for dp. I have attached a detailed placement preparation schedule here. You can either follow that schedule or live long enough … no wait , hmmm kummm … , you can either follow that schedule or prepare according to your plan. But make sure you cover the topics specified there.

Practicing Phase

“Epo paathalum padichtey irunthu ennapa panna pora?” this would have been the question from your keezh vootu chinna paapa when he/she asks for a game of GTA in your laptop. The paapa is right except the fact that you can’t relax after studying. It’s time to practice. Without practicing the concepts you learnt , everything settles like a dust in the desert , useful for none. You may have encountered a deadly demon in the first round of companies like Microsoft and Samsung , COCUBES! My god it was a bad experience. Leetcode helps us prepare for those types of coding environment. The quality of the questions there are top class too and it is a one stop solution for your worries.

"Coding ku soltinga , apo aptitude ku?"

“Coding ku soltinga , apo aptitude ku?” , dho varen da raajas.Indiabix provides you with an array of aptitude topics , formulas and questions frequently asked in the interview process. Head over there to keep your head cool!

Cheat Sheet

  1. Prepare in GeeksforGeeks.
  2. Practice regularly in Leetcode.
  3. Revise the concepts in Karumanchi Book.
  4. Relax yourselves in Indiabix.
  5. Watch this in repeat mode!

Interview Experiences

I have curated this article after talking with a lot of seniors and making them to fill a google form. I was afraid whether I could write all of them in this blog. What if missed out some of the points which I thought of less importance , but would mean much to you? So here you go :)


Thanks Durai and Rahul for sharing the google form in your department groups. Thanks to all my seniors for writing their interview experiences without a second thought.Thanks for the wishes!

This article was featured on the facebook page of CSAU, the Official Computer Society of Anna University. Thanks for the recognition lads!

Thanks for reading!

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